Logo Design

Logo design for We Need Sound.

Everyone wants another NIKE logo. This was a little different: it was one of the most challenging briefs I have ever had, in both its vagueness and its specificity... "The logo should be simple. It should have hints of existing famous sports brands, but be different and unique. It should be distinctive, feel instantly familiar, and yet also be difficult to remember so that each time it is seen it looks fresh whilst remaining recognizable. It should be a shape that is pleasant to see and have a very slight hint of 'edge'."

'The Shape' as I came to call it was heavily gridded during its development. In the final stage the grids were removed and the shape was adjusted by eye and by feel. Reaching the final version took a while.

I also designed the pre-launch campaign and the branding idea that all of their staff are superheroes, with business cards to match. The brand will launch later this year, until then its logo will be the only clue as to what the brand represents.

To match the pre-launch campaign: the card of a superhero.

Pre-launch campaign poster.

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