Universal Studios Help Desk Icons

I was approached by Universal Studios to redesign their help desk icons. The original icons, whilst nice, were very thin, varied in size and would not match their new branding.
Original Icons.

New styling for the help desk was based around the violet brand colour.

A help desk is where people go when they have a problem. When they arrive at that part of a website they are usually stressed and seeking some kind of resolution to that stress. Preferably, visitors to a help desk would be met by something which is itself reassuring and calming. This is just one way and one place where design matters because it can have an effect on how people feel.

I designed icons to match the new styling. The lines are thicker to imply warmth and stability. The circle element brings a cohesive design rule indicating that each icon is part of the same family, but that rule is broken slightly on two of the icons to keep the group interesting.

Two versions of each icon were required because when the pointer hovers over a help card the colours of that card are inverted.
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