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Creative Audio Branding.

I have been down some interesting pathways in my design career. Applying visual design and branding principles to sound design and composition has been extremely rewarding. Audio branding is as important as visual branding. In some situations it is more important, and in some media it is actually the only branding option available. In my experience, many businesses ignore the incredible power of custom-created sound and opt for public domain music and off-the-shelf audio elements. No sane business would take this approach with a visual logo and identity, yet many choose to do this with their audio branding. The power of sound and music to convey ideas and emotions to human beings, regardless of spoken language, makes audio an essential marketing consideration for any business, brand, or product.

Developing a cohesive audio identity provides an opportunity to really stand out, especially in crowded markets.
Naturally, I am particular about which audio design projects I take on: they need to be associated with projects that are attempting to make the world a better place.
Below are some example audio logos. A couple of them are early iterations where the client ultimately went with one of the different pieces of audio I developed. In all cases the visual logos have been replaced with generic ones.

Other projects: 

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